ruben vera
Ruben began his life in grappling by joining his HS wrestling team as a sophomore. Although he did find some success he did not meet the goals he had set for himself so he decided to continue wrestling at his local junior college. After his first year of wrestling at Golden West College, the program was shut down. Ruben felt like he had more to offer to the wrestling community so he decided to begin coaching at a few of the local high schools in his area, Westminster High as an assistant, Marina as an assistant and Huntington Beach High as a head coach. Ruben saw plenty of success as a coach developing multiple regional champions and several state qualifiers and placers. At the age of 20, Ruben began his journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training under the highly decorated Cleber Luciano (Royler Gracie BB) and received each one of his belts through Cleber Luciano. Ruben has competed in many tournaments and superfights and was recently invited to compete at the Fight To Win Pro league. Ruben considers his style of competing very aggressive and submission oriented and chooses to have a more laid back and fun coaching style.